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Get Better Records is a queer/trans-run independent label located in Philadelphia and Los Angeles run by Alex Lichtenauer (Control Top), Jenna Pup (The HIRS Collective), and Ally Einbinder (Potty Mouth). The three use Get Better as a personal effort to reverse the constant underrepresentation of the queer arts community, with a specific focus on punk, hardcore, and alternative rock music. Get Better's work is meant to extend to those who need it most.

Get Better prioritizes those seeking relief from the turmoil of their lives, those like the families of the victims of the June 2016 shooting of the Pulse Nightclub in Florida, to whom Get Better extended proceeds from a compilation of songs by artists on the labels roster and beyond.

Through the work of their own roster, and compilations, GBR has released music for, Anti-Flag, Laura Jane Grace, Shirley Manson (Garbage), Sheer Mag, Bren Lukens (Modern Baseball), The HIRS Collective, Control Top, Potty Mouth, The Pist, Antischism, Cayetana, Bacchae, Empath, Coherence, The Menzingers, Screaming Females, Mannequin Pussy, Joe Jack Talcum, Soul Glo, and more.


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